AA Lawnman Lawn Care LLC was founded in 2006. Although we are a relatively new company, our employee resources represent over fifteen years of turf care, mulching techniques, patio and walkway construction, retaining wall construction, aeration and turf smoothing , and other capabilities in both commercial and residential environments.

As a family-owned company, AA Lawnman Lawn Care LLC brings with it a promise to our customers to deliver personal service with quality, reliability, and economy utmost in our company profile.

Founders Marian and L. W. Duke Jones have been residents of Warren County since 1998, and have been active in Lebanon and Warren County community programs and charity work since arriving in Warren County.

We give our personal and professional commitment to help make our community a better place in which to live, work, and raise a family.

AA Lawnman Lawn Care Logo

We appreciate our customers, and thank each one for choosing AA Lawnman Lawn Care for their lawn maintenance needs.

Should you, as one of our customers, need advice or help in an area outside our realm of expertise, just ask. We have many resources in the community for a wide variety of homeowner construction, maintenance, remodeling, utility services, and sales. We will be glad to recommend an experienced company or craftsman to you.



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